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As many of you will be aware racing in the UK has been suspended today, due to further confirmed cases of Equine Influenza (EI). Outbreaks have been confirmed in many counties of England in vaccinated and unvaccinated horses.

EI has a range of symptoms and spreads rapidly between horses and in the air over surprising distances.

horse coughing

The most common symptoms are; cough, elevated temperature, dull, loss of appetite, snotty nose, swollen lymph nodes, rapid spread through a yard/herd. Less commonly; swollen limbs, painful eyes can be early indicators.

Vaccination is extremely important for EI; it will not prevent your horse from contracting the virus but will reduce the reduce the severity of clinical symptoms, reduce the risk of mortality and improve recovery time. Importantly it will also reduce the spread of the virus.

British Horse Racing Authority, British Equestrian Federation and many more authorities have recommended 6 monthly booster vaccinations for EI, with a vaccine containing specific strains (Florida Clade 1 & 2), which our vaccine (Equilis Prequenza) includes.

What to do?

• Please contact us for a veterinary examination and nasal swabs if you have any concern about your horse, pony of donkey’s current health

• Please consider vaccinating any unvaccinated or overdue equids

• Consider a 5-6 monthly booster for any horses and ponies, especially those travelling and competing, or on yards with horses travelling and competing

• Feel free to call or email, to chat to one of our vets about your horse, pony, donkey or yard situation for a more personal plan (01923 229 300 :

For daily updates or more reading please see the following sites:
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