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**** 25th May 2020 **** COVID-19 UPDATE ****

In light of the government’s partial lifting of lock down restrictions and updated guidelines from our regulator the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and our representative organisation the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) we are now able to offer a near full complement of veterinary services.

Each visit will be risk assessed on an individual basis. During the course of the visit social distancing and COVID-19 biosecurity measures will be complied with.
Owners will be requested to ideally leave their horse tied up outside its stable or left in its stable with a head collar on, whichever is deemed to be safest.

The vet will then examine the horse on his/her own with the owner keeping at least two meter distance. In some instances this may require for the horse to be sedated where it normally would not.

Our vets will be wearing appropriate PPE, sanitising hands and equipment and will want to limit the amount of surfaces that need to be come in contact with at a visit; as such we will be grateful for any gates or doors that are opened for us. Lengthy conversation on the history for a visit or follow up will preferably be done via telephone to reduce the in-contact time where possible.

Social distancing may not always be possible as the animal’s welfare and safety of our vets is paramount but breaking this will not be taken lightly and we will still attempt to work as safely as possible as well as utilising additional PPE.
As to be able to comply with social distancing and in light of staff still being furloughed; our office phones will be manned from 9am – 3pm.

Should you require veterinary advice outside of these hours but within our normal office hours of 9am-5pm then please do not hesitate to call or text either Anna (07887707171) or Mark (07788817656).

We might be at a visit and unable to answer the phone, please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency please try the office in the first instance.

Should your call not be dealt with then ring either Anna or Mark, if we do not return your call within 5 minutes then please try the same person again or the other person. Outside of normal office hours our normal protocol for emergency visits applies; ring the office where an answer phone message will direct you to the number of the vet on call.

Please see our online form for repeat prescriptions or please e-mail us for non-urgent enquires and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for being understanding and we hope you all stay safe and well. We will be keeping you updated as we get better at navigating this “new” normal.

Emergency Visits:
These will be performed 24/7 as they would have been up until now and include things such as colic’s acute and severely painful lameness’s, issues associate with eyes, serious wounds etc…, anything that basically requires immediate veterinary attention. Should you have such an emergency please call either Anna (07887707171) or Mark (07788817656).


Dispensing of Drugs:
We are still dispensing drugs from the Cassiobury Drive Surgery and via postal service. When drugs are requested the office staff will inform you as to when they will be ready. We request that you call again before heading to the surgery to ensure the drugs have been dispensed and are ready for collection and then again upon arrival in the car park.

A member of staff will then bring the drugs out to you so as to reduce the amount of foot fall within our surgery and safeguard our staff. In light of these uncertain economic times we will no longer be able to credit large quantities of drugs onto accounts.

This will be restricted to a two week supply only; any more will have to have been paid for upon collection, ideally via phone before arrival. All non-essential drugs and feed supplements will also have to be paid for upon collection. Due to reduce staffing levels turnaround of dispensing will be slower than normal please keep this in mind when ordering drugs.

As vets will be primarily working from home and only in the office when needed, things such as prescriptions may take 24-48 hours to finalise. Please bear with us.

Self-Isolating and Social Distancing:
Should you be showing signs of COVID-19 (fever, new and persistent cough etc.) and are self-isolating or are self-isolating due to a close family member showing clinical signs, we request you do not visit the surgery and ask someone else to collect drugs for you.

Should your horse require a visit, please arrange for an alternate person to be available at the yard to present your horse.

We request that should visits be required, only one person be present and no more than two people in the immediate vicinity. Our vets will be observing good social distancing protocol and will attempt to keep a 2m distance where possible. This will only be broken for health and safety reasons and a decision not taken lightly by the vets.

With this in mind as previously stated we may be required to sedate horses where they would ordinarily be restraint manually.

We will be regularly updating our Facebook page over the course of the upcoming weeks and as situations change, we request you keep an eye out for these updates.

We would like to wish for all our clients and their horses to stay safe during these difficult times and know that we will be there for you should you really require us.

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